Saturday, June 10, 2006

Yet More Random Ramblings...

So what do I do in my non-existent free time? Interviews! Lots and lots of interviews. John Ortiz over at recently interviewed me for his site. You can read it here.

Abdulkareem Baba Aminu at wrote an article entitled Taking Over The World With Aaron Sowd! You can read my first Komikwerks interview by G. Willow Wilson here. Komikwerks also hosts The Rants Column, a weekly guest column where they allow folks to spout off about any and all things comics. Comic books in America these days tend to be stereotyped as strictly superhero (TM and copyright 2006 Marvel and DC Comics) in content. You can read my rant about the superhero stereotype vs. the reality of growing diversity in American comics entitled Pow! Comics Aren't Just For Superheroes Anymore!

Sean and Christina Parsons at have conducted artist interviews with a bunch of professional artists in the business and collected them on their very informative site for comic book inkers. You can read mine here.

And from "What is a comic book? How has the use of computers changed the creation process of print comics? Should webcomics be created in such a way that they cannot be sold as books? When does a webcomic stop being a comic and enter the realm of animation? Can webartists live from their work? These are some of the questions we try to answer in Adventures Into Digital Comics, a documentary film analyzing the events that changed the comic book industry and art form over the last decade. Investigating the work and ideas of established and up and coming comic artists, director S├ębastien Dumesnil offers the audience a vision of the future of a rapidly evolving medium. The film opens a window onto the dynamic renaissance of the comic taking place today on the web, exploring the obsessions and passions, not to mention the ever present struggle to survive, of the artists behind the images." My interview is here.

So there!

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