Monday, March 26, 2007

R.I.P. Marshall Rogers

One of my favorite Batman artists died Saturday. Marshall Rogers was only 57 years old. He had a groundbreaking run on Detective Comics , including one of my favorite stories (issue #475)"The Laughing Fish." The cause of his death has not been reported. Very sad to lose such a talented artist...

Friday, March 09, 2007

Funk Soul Brother

"Right about now, the funk soul brother. Check it out now, the funk soul brother" - Fat Boy Slim

Anyone besides me remember Soul World from Jim Starlin's classic run on Strange Tales? The world of Adam Warlock is about as cosmic and crazy as any in comics. The guy had a cigar chompin' troll for a sidekick. Yes, you read that right: a cigar chompin', talking, space troll. Pip The Troll to be precise. Who, according to his official Marvel Universe entry "was famous for his carnal prowess." Seriously. I'm not even making that up!

But enough about that poon-hound Pip. He's got nothing to do with this piece. The purple guy on the left is Grape Juice Guy or something, I completely forget his name at the moment. The big green guy on the right is Judge Kraytor, a former judge of the Universal Church of Truth
which I think is the Marvel Universe version of Scientology. So that makes L. Ron Kraytor here their version of L. Ron Hubbard. He's a just giant head with arms and legs! No torso! L. Ron Kraytor laughs at silly humans and their need for torsos! He's evolved beyond that. He's OT XV! So there!