Thursday, October 30, 2008

CNN Overload

I usually only get my news from reliable sources such as The Daily Show, The Colbert Report or The Onion, but lately I've been addicted to CNN. Really addicted. And it's starting to worry me. I may need to cut back on my CNN viewing because every time I look at Ali Velshi I see this:Do you see it too? Dr. Honeydew! Thank God, I thought it was just me! No wonder I can't take him seriously. No one in real life has skin that orange! He's gotta be a Muppet, right?

Then there is the lovely Dana Bash. Every time I look at her I see:

The bird from Pixar's For the Birds, right? I'm not trying to be mean, maybe I just watch too many cartoons. Or too much CNN. So there!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Last Round of Card Commissions

If you still want a sketch card commission, you can get on the list for the Marvel Masterpieces Series 3 Artist Proof cards. I can also do plain old sketch cards as well if you want one of those. Email me for details at The Marvel Masterpiece Artist Proof cards are very limited, they only give 10 to each artist.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hulk Smash! Last Chance!

I've already mentioned The Hero Initiative and their Ultimate 100 Hulk #1 Cover Project. My first cover raised over $700.00 for a great charity. But that is nothing compared to these two! The legendary John Romita Jr. donated two killer sketches which I was asked to embellish and color. What an honor, I grew up on John's stuff, I never thought I'd get to touch his original art! The first one below sold for over $1,000.00! The one above is being auctioned off now and ends soon! Please bid here if you can!

Variations on a Theme: Iron Man

Aw, Iron Man... my favorite character when I was a kid. Here are the last of the sketch cards for Upper Deck's Marvel Masterpieces series 3! I could have done all 20 cards of just Iron Man, but I burned out after 7 and decided to mix it up a bit! Wish I would have gotten to the cool JR JR "big ass boots" armor and Iron Man 2099. Those are both great designs! Here is the first suit of armor designed by Jack Kirby or Don Heck?

And again in gold circa Avengers #1.

I actually kind of liked the old pointy head version of the red and gold armor. Jack Kirby's design?

The "classic" version without the pointy head helmet.
Then the silver centurion armor designed by Mark Bright, I think...
And the badass black and silver War Machine armor...go Raiders!

And the most recent Ultimates armor designed by Bryan Hitch!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Variations on a Theme: Spider-Man

Here's the original classic Spidey. The key to a good Spider-Man is the armpit webbing! Don't forget the armpit webbing! It's the secret ingredient that is often overlooked!

My buddy Sean was complaining that I never update my blog. It's true, I get on a deadline which is replaced by another deadline (or three!) and yet another deadline. They multiply like Gremlins (don't get them wet!)! It never ends! But I can't complain, I'm getting paid to draw, how cool is that? So this post is for Sean: quitcherbitchin'!

Now back to my deadlines, be they many and unrelenting!

More sketch cards for Upper Deck's Marvel Masterpieces series 3 done in hurry... I did simple variations on each character I drew to save time! Who can forget the spiffy black costume from Secret Wars? Was that a Mike Zeck design? Zeck rules!

And the more recent costume from Civil War. It's not officially a Major Crossover Event until Spidey gets a new costume!I always loved me some Rick Leonardi. Severely underrated artist, IMO. The Spider-Man 2099 costume was the shiz-nit. Very, very cool and fun to draw!