Friday, February 23, 2007

Ogres Need Love, Too!

Here's some rejected character designs for an animated commercial I recently worked on. They were "too scary," so I ended up toning him way down so as not the frighten the whiddle kiddies! I thought that's what ogres were SUPPOSED to do! Isn't that in their job description? They are so misunderstood. Ogres need love too!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Common Foe

My good friends Shannon Denton and Keith Giffen wrote a great little comic set in World War Two called Common Foe. During the Battle of the Bulge, a besieged squad of American GIs and a platoon of German infantry do everything in their power to wipe each other out. But as darkness falls, these two groups find they must unite if they are to survive the night. The combined units have now become the prey for an ancient evil and it will take everything they have to survive against the common foe.

If you missed the mini series from Desperado/Image Comics, don't worry: the trade paperback is coming out this summer. They asked me to contribute a pin-up for the collected edition. I thought I'd try to do a Mike Mignola style piece, but failed miserably. The simplicity of his rendering and power of his compositions leave me in the dust. Two of the reasons on a long list of reasons why he's a master of his craft and I'm a hack. So much to learn. So little time!