Thursday, June 15, 2006

Loki: The Sketches

So what's more fun than getting to draw Loki the Norse god of mischief? Loki the Sly-One, the Shape-Changer, the Trickster, the Sky Traveller, the Lie-Smith, among others (thank you, Wikipedia!). Not much! He's always been one of the best bad guys around, I loved the Walt Simonson and Arthur Adams versions of the character as a kid. So while still attempting to keep it in a simple Rob Haynes type of style, I set out to capture the elements of Loki I loved as a kid. I like the idea, it's simple and suits the character perfectly: he's turned Thor into a frog (from the legendary Walt Simonson run) and he's dangling Thor's hammer over his head, torturing him. It's something we've all seen a little kid do: torture a small animal or insect in some way. It just cracks me up that an immortal Norse god like Loki would stoop to such a petty and immature devices. So I feel my basic idea was strong. So there!


HartCactus said...

Boo-Yaaaaaaaaaaah! Now that's LOKI!!!! Great job Aaron

Aaron Sowd said...

Thanks! I really love the character and tried to have some fun with it!