Friday, June 02, 2006

Green Goblin: The Inks

So what could go wrong with the simple Alex Toth School approach? More specifically, the Rob Haynes style I was attempting to emulate? Well, lots, actually! It started off pretty good in the sketch phase (although it's probably not as dynamic as Rob would have done) but the inks are where I lost it. Since I worked as an inker for years and years I am physically incapable of putting down a "dead" line like a Rapidograph makes! I can't do it! I tried starting off that way, but I always have to add line weights and variation! Argh! So it's hard for me to ink like Rob, with no line variation. Also, the scales on Green Goblin might be a bit much detail? Hard to say. I tried to just hint at them, but got a little carried away. He doesn't look right without scales, even in this more simplified style. Maybe the colors can save it? So there! I hope!

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