Saturday, March 25, 2006

It's Alive!

So what you need are more sketchbooks, you say? Then I've got you covered! Since every comic book artist these days has a sketchbook, I finally got off my butt and put together my first ever sketchbook for Wizard World Los Angeles this year. They were a big hit, but I do have a few left. It's standard ashcan format with 28 pages of black and white art. About half of it is sketches, doodles, comic book and illustration work I've done and the other half is my animation art. So you get a little bit of everything! All for only $10! Add $2 for shipping. I take Paypal or check, just email me for details. I might do a second printing for San Diego Comic Con this year if I have time! So there!

The Boys are Back!

So what was held last weekend at the Los Angeles convention center, you ask? Why, Wizard World Los Angeles, of course! WWLA, which was previously held in Long Beach for some reason, was a lot of fun. I never understood why they called a comic con "Los Angeles" when it was held in Long Beach. It's like having a major league baseball team that plays out of Anaheim and calling them the "Los Angeles" Angels, but I digress.

The con was a bit thinly attended on Sunday, due to the Los Angeles Marathon (which, it turns out, is actually held in Los Angeles) and all the streets downtown being closed off. So it was a good chance to catch up with old friends and fellow artists I only see once or twice a year. Above is a photo of the old Stan Lee Media gang. From left to right, is Duncan Rouleau (creator of The Nightmarist and Ben Ten on Cartoon Network), Shawn McManus (of the clan McManus, also artist on Sandman and Tom Strong), me (the blond guy), The Reverend Dave "Cornelius" Johnson (art director of Ben Ten and 100 Bullets cover artist), and Ruben Martinez (art director at Mattel and character designer of lots of great animated shows).

I know what you thinking “That’s a seriously talented line-up of artists, how’d you sneak in there, Aaron?” I don’t know. I just keep hoping maybe some their talent will rub off on me. As opposed to Shawn, who usually just rubs up against me…

Looking forward to next year if I survive the behemoth that is the San Diego Comic Con! So there!