Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hooked on Crack (or The Death of a Blog)

I'm hooked on crack.
WarCrack, that is. It's like a drug (don't start, kids!) and it'll eat up your life in small increments (if you're lucky). Massive increments if you're not. I've had friends who have lost hours, days, weeks and entire months of there lives to this insideous drug-- um, I mean, game. It's just a game and I can quit any time I want.

Now I don't have a Playstation. Never bought an X-Box. No video games at all. Oh, I WANTED to, but I stayed strong. No video games for me, because I know how I am, addictive personality and all. I would never get any work done, so video games stayed out of my house and my studio. It's like a recovering alcoholic who removes every drop of alcohol from their house ,(don't forget the cough syrup) I kept my home pure. Clean. Amish, almost.
I resisted the entire MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) concept. It's evil. Evil, I tells ya! My "friend," we'll call him "Chris," has been after me for two or three years to play WarCrack. I said no every time. But I finally gave in and played a demo (a 10 day demo, what could it hurt?) because I had some free time on my hands and was bored out of my mind in a small town. Now I'm hooked.
The Five Stages of Warcraft cartoon by Dave 'Fargo' Kosak sums it perfectly. I think I'm already in Stage 4, God help me!

So if I never post on this blog again, you'll know why! So there!

Lost on Chaos Island

So you think those guys on Lost have it tough? Survivor not tough enough for you? Try surviving on an island with Velociraptors! That's the goal (I think, I never actually played it) of this PC game from Dreamworks Interactive. I did some cover concepts and this was a sketch that never got used. Any day I get to draw a dinosaur is a good day for me, though! So there!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Thing About Doom

I recently got to contribute a few cards to Upper Deck's The Heralds of Galactus booster set. What a fun gig! The set features all of Marvel's cosmic beings like the Silver Surfer, Dr. Doom, the Watcher, and of course, Galactus himself! You can check out a sample gallery of the set here.
The colors are by good friend and master debater Dean White. I was expecting your average blue sky, an orange Thing and your garden variety green Doctor Doom. But Dean is never satisfied with "average" and that's why I love the guy! He brought a whole new sense of drama and doom to the scene with a blood red sky and by making the sparks from the Doombot that the Thing is ripping in half into the strongest light source. I was floored. Dean is a genius.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The New Yorker

Just an old commission I found in my archives. The original was done in pencil, ink and watercolor. It's a parody of The New Yorker's famous first cover. But instead of a snooty aristocrat, I made him a chimpanzee. I forget why exactly, but I'm sure it was very funny to me at the time. So there!