Monday, May 07, 2007

Fun With A Ruler: Super Simple Supes

I almost never have time to just draw for fun (I know, I hear you playing The World's Smallest Violin) so I sat down yesterday and messed around just for fun in my sketchbook. I've been looking at a lot of Shane Glines and Kyle Baker lately, and it amazes me how effectively they can break a character into simple shapes. They boil the character down to its core elements and lose all the extraneous details. I figured I'd try it with Superman, since he's so iconic to begin with, how hard could he be?

Taking a cue from his classic "S" logo inside a diamond type triangle, I thought I'd try to use only triangles or straight edges. I had to cheat a little bit, but it was a fun exercise and forced me to think in a different direction than I normally do. I inked almost all of the big shapes with a ruler. I'm a huge fan of the old Fleischer Superman cartoons so I used that costume, from his very first appearance in Action Comics. I even threw in the logo just or fun. It works well since it's triangular too.

You can see in my initial sketch I had to revise some things, most notably the legs by foreshortening them a lot more! Just a quick warm up exercise, but it forced me to draw and think off the beaten path and that's important. So remember to have fun and try something different!

Saturday, May 05, 2007


My friend Scott Rogers co-publishes Shooting Star Comics where he writes and draws the feature Bedbug - the single father superhero. One of the main villains is the Boogeyman. I did this pin-up for him in an animated style. The book should be out in time for San Diego Comic Con. Fun stuff!