Sunday, December 17, 2006

For Love of Death

In the Marvel Universe, Death is portrayed as a person, sometimes as a beautiful woman, sometimes as a skeleton in a purple cloak. All she is missing is the scythe. And nobody loves death more than Thanos. Thanos is probably one of the greatest bad guys ever, created by (I believe) Jim "Cosmic is my Middle Name" Starlin. Thanos is always trying to impress Lady Death (TM & copyright Brian Pulido) by killing people for her. In this case he is about to sacrifice the Silver Surfer to her. But she's not impressed. Poor Thanos, he can never find a love connection. He should have just used J Date. Or eHarmony. Colors by Dean "Spunky" White.

The inked piece card. I blow up the rough thumbnail and lightbox it with pencil onto bristol board to ink. Sometimes if the thumbnail is really tight I just go directly to ink.
Here is the rough thumbnail idea. It was approved with no changes! Easy!

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