Monday, December 11, 2006

The Cosmic Cube!

'Nuff said.

Except maybe to add that I'm proud to say I drew this all by myself without looking at any reference material. Because it's a cube. And it's cosmic. The Kirbyesque cosmic space was fun to do, but I probably messed it up in the coloring.*

*Note: the thumbnail above is not the actual colors, click on it for a larger version with the proper color scheme. For some reason, Blogger compressed or corrupted it into a weird negative image. Looks like Christmas in the Negative Zone!


Jimmy T said...

That is soooo Cooool!

Did you know Timothy Leary?

The link did not work though, so there!

Jimmy T

Aaron Sowd said...

Ah-ha! I think I fixed it. It was CMYK and I converted it to RGB, so there!

Isn't Timothy Leary dead? That's what The Beatles said!

Jimmy T said...

That is much better. I love how you cllected those Kirby dots... ya know.