Thursday, October 18, 2007

Character Design: Puff The Magic Dragon

So where do unused character designs go to die? The web, of course! Here's a few unused character designs for a project that never got used. Poor Puffy. He never had a chance. He's addicted to sweet, sweet nicotine. You see, he's covered in nicotine patches but but he can't stop smoking! Silly dragon! Maybe that's why dragons are extinct. Like the Gary Larson Far Side cartoon about how the dinosaurs really became extinct!

Anyway, they wanted a twisted take on the classic Disney and Warner Bros. cartoons. Cute, but twisted! The bunny with the oxygen tank cracks me up. The juxtaposition of cute and sad is so perfect. I also like the tough guy cupid. He almost has a John Kricfalusi vibe to him. I love John K. He's a genius. I'm a hack. So there!

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