Thursday, September 13, 2007

Spider-Man Black Costume Sketch Card


P.J. Magalhães said...

By far my favourite. I am a big spidey fan but i am more likely to dislike peoples rendition outside of my favourites (John Buscema, Tom Lyle, Mark Bagley and even JR JR) but i really like this one.

Congrats on all the others as well. FOllowed quite a few of your links to some other insane animators that i have loved for a long while too so big thanks for that.

Aaron Sowd said...

Thanks PJ! The black costome is one of my favorites as well! Rick Leonardi is one of the most underrated Spidey artists IMHO. Also Mike Zeck, who designed(?) the costume or at least drew he first appearance of it. Kraven's Last Hunt was AWESOME!!!