Saturday, August 25, 2007

Make Mine M.O.D.O.K.!

It has begun!

I've sketched out 30 of these little bastards, now I have to ink them and send them off to Upper Deck, who will then randomly pack them in with their 'Marvel Masterpieces' collector sets. They've got some great artists contributing original art sketches. Guys like Travis Charest, Eric Canete, Chris Bachalo, Andrew Robinson, and Ryan Ottley just to name a few! How I wormed my way onto that talented list, I'll never know! I was just going to do little head sketches (do you know how hard it is to draw on a tiny trading card? I'm used to working 10"x15"!), but Eric has set the bar so high, that I'm going to try to step it up and do full body shots! Damn you Eric! You are way too good! He packs enough energy and detail into every card, it looks like a full sized cover shrunk down!

Everyone seems to be doing the mandatory Spider-Man, Wolverine, etc. sketch cards. So I'm going old school with characters like M.O.D.O.K., Blackbolt, Man-Thing, The Destroyer and all the off-beat characters that I love but no one remembers! Remember The Human Fly? That's right, you heard me, The Human Fly AKA The Greatest Superhero in the World.

I only wish Marvel still had the licenses for ROM and The Micronauts! Damn!


Scott Koblish said...

Dude! I love the human Fly! Looks like I'm going to have to do a sketch of him next for the blog!

Aaron Sowd said...

Like the cover said: "The wildest super-hero ever-- because he's REAL!" He was based on an actual stunt man!

Matthew H Camp said...

By all means bring back the Human Fly! Bill Mantlo's writing was aimed at children and young teens, and the art was more simplistic/traditional than we see today.
The character, however, and the concept remain relevant and even exciting.

I just pulled most of the old series out of the 50-cent bin and enjoy having these classics around.

His costume need to lose the 'superhero' schtick and take qualities that would work for a stunt man. Also no one who needs to breathe oxygen would wear cloth over their nose and mouth 24-7. He needs a stage mask and then one for off-stage that, while allowing him to breathe, still conceals his identity.

Add some joint pads, a helmet, motorcycle boots and jacket with the rocket logo - even a little white cape. Leather gloves.

Someone talented needs to bring back the Human Fly with art and stories that we adults will find as fun and thrilling as we did the originals.